My name is Jiri Fridrich and I am from Prague, Czech Republic.

I happen to be a cacao importer, a farmers’ market seller, eshop builder, web programmer and chocolate enthusiast.

I used to import Ecuadorian cacao and chocolate to the Czech Republic and was selling it at farmers’ markets and via eshop to end-consumers, as well as to small sized businesses and cafeterias. As I lately moved to Ecuador, I had ceased these activities and transformed the eshop into this blog webpage. Nevertheless, having this business was a great experience, providing face-to-face interaction with all sorts of people, which made me observe customes’ requirements, priorities, habits or even tastes.

At these pages I try to explain a few things about cacao, which I consider to be a bit of a forgotten product, try to bust some myths that exist and look at this amazing commodity from different perspectives.

Cacao is not only the base of chocolate, it is a full-fledged product which can be used in various ways and which provides large scale of interesting tastes and a great experience.

You will have fun with cacao!

If you want to contact me, you can do so at